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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We help you handle your family's estate with dignity

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Estate sales, whether it be by auctions or by traditional methods, must be carried out with the utmost dignity for the family and the deceased. Some last will and testaments even require all real and personal property to be auctioned.

Families in this process have many questions during this time: what about the furniture, the car, the kitchen items, what about the electricity, the pipes in the house, and all these other items? Henry Realty & Auction, LLC can handle all these problems and questions and ease the minds of the family during these steps.

The auction method usually fits when the family has decided to sale all the personal property along with the real property. The auctioneer can, depending on the size and scope of the project, usually conduct a personal and real property auction on the same day, or at least in a 2-day period. This is especially good for absentee / out of town heirs.

Traditional Method

As with many estates there may be a house on an acre of land or raw land only. In these situations, the traditional method will work. Henry Realty & Auction, LLC will walk the family through a step by step process as to how HR&A would strategically market your property, with high exposure, so you can receive offers on your property.

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